Direct Lending

The banking regulations have dried up traditional financing from the banking industry and savvy investors have stepped up to fill this need across all industries.  Our clients provide financing options through P2P Platforms, hard money lending, sub-prime auto finance, legal claims finance, construction finance, to name a few areas of focus.

Service Snapshot

  • Team of Accounting and Finance Professionals Servicing your Fund
  • Investor Subs/Reds Processing
  • Continual AML Compliance
  • Treasury Services
  • Underlying Investment Data Aggregation and Reconciliation
  • NAV Calculations Monthly
  • Prepare GAAP/IFRS Financials and Liaise with Auditors
  • Direct Investor Reporting
  • Web Portal

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We recently switched to Tower from a larger fund administrator and WOW, the experience has been night and day. Not only are they very price competitive, their expertise and excellent communication has dramatically simplified our monthly administration procedures. They have even offered to undertake extra tasks when we were pressed for time. We could scarcely have asked for a better service in any way.

Summer T.
Director of Investor Success for a Direct Lending Fund , Denver, CO

We originally had another name brand administrator that did the bare minimum, didn’t understand our private equity business and took too much of our time to educate them on the basics of our fairly standard accounting practices. In contrast, when Tower came on board it was a dramatic change in working relationship. Suddenly we had a service provider which acted like our business partner. The team assigned to us from Tower are problem solvers and sharp guys who quickly came to know as much or more as we do about our books and reporting. In fact, Tower identified better ways to present information to our investors and even caught one or two accounting issues before they were baked into our published results, saving us from having to restate our reported earnings. Thank goodness we found them.

Whitney Q.
Direct Lending/Real Estate Fund Manager , Naples, FL

We enable our clients to focus on investing.