A part of the Tower Talks video series: Vince discusses the process of switching fund administrators and why hedge fund managers are switching to Tower. Questions answered in this discussion include- the perceived challenges fund managers have when switching admins and the top three motivators for fund managers to switch admins.

A part of the Tower Talks video series: Vince discusses various strategies that emerging managers can use to raise capital. Questions answered in this discussion include- the marketing materials every fund manager should have, the top three things managers must be doing to raise capital and more!

You need hedge fund administration, someone who would do things the way you would accurately and in a timely manner. And whose reports would be clear, sophisticated, and represent you well to your investors — a true extension of your firm.  Get your instant quote!

Your time is valuable, spend it wisely. Though it has not been quantified, there is a correlation of reduction in performance relative to the increase in manager activities not directly related to investment decisions. Check out this video for some tips on rising capital after launching your fund.

At the NYSSA Emerging Managers Form in New York City, Vince discusses the all too common mistakes and disillusions encountered by fund managers . He stresses the point of having a solid business plan for your fund and future.

A part of the Tower Talks video series:  Vince and Kinjal discuss starting their own fund administration firm and how they work together as co-owners of a business.  Questions answered include- how they work together as partners and the management style they implement with their staff.

A part of the Tower Talks video series: Kinjal discusses hiring practices at Tower as well as practices to maintain and motivate quality staff. Questions answered in this discussion include- effective team building exercises, how to encouraging employee input and more!

Our suite of tailored services includes fund startup, accounting, valuation, compliance, reporting and tax services to investment managers in all strategies and structures- we have decades of valuable industry experience coupled with exceptional service. Get your instant quote!

At the NYSSA Emerging Managers Form in New York City, Vince discusses the importance of choosing the right team to work with your fund. Additionally, Vince stresses the importance of set business plan.

Tower was a sponsor of the Alternatives Investments Summit, that was held at The Terrace Club in New York City on June 7th, 2017.  This video goes over key takeaways from experts in the industry on hedge fund marketing and capital raising.

Very positive experience transitioning to the Tower Fund Services platform from another administrator. Tower is excellent for an emerging manager and the team is extremely professional. After six months in, the service and delivery are both best of class. I would recommend to any new or existing manager to give Tower a try.

Allen A.
Hedge Fund Manager , Old Greenwich, CT

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