Hedge Fund Admin Overview for Emerging Managers

Click on the video below to see an overview of Tower’s Hedge Fund Admin Overview for Emerging Managers.  Also, below the video is the text from the video if you prefer to read it!

Investing is exciting.  It’s what you do.  But all those support functions, like operations, accounting, and reporting?   Necessary, of course… but just one big headache that you likely have neither the staff nor time to handle in house.  You need a Hedge Fund Admin. Someone who would do things like you would do them: timely, accurately and with the sophistication you would produce.  A true extension of your team/firm. And, at a cost that fits your budget.

Tower Fund Services is a third-party hedge fund administrator that offers alternative investment managers everything they need… from hedge fund startup consulting to accounting, valuation, reporting, and tax services. Our professionals have decades of experience in financial services.  And… with our technology driven process, you get high-touch personal service at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay.

Example… and this is typical: A manager at a large investment firm wanted to launch his own $12M hedge fund but felt thwarted by expected start-up costs in excess of $100,000. Taking our advice on everything from best practices to referrals for all the other service providers he’d need, he successfully launched for under $10k.

In today’s competitive capital raising environment and with ever increasing regulatory scrutiny, independent oversight from an administrator is a “must have”.  A means of checks and balances and depth of infrastructure gives investors the confidence that their assets are being protected.  Your administrator is the hub where all your firm’s moving parts come together.    We make sure everything is moving smoothly: from hedge fund formation; to the first trade; to reporting to your investors.

So if you’d prefer to focus on investing and actually partner with an administrator that is there for YOU: Tower Fund Services is the right choice.  For you and your investors.