Price Should Not Keep You From Hiring a Fund Administrator

It’s important to find the right trusted service partner who can focus on your needs while you focus on your core business – investing.  These partners include a fund administrator, legal counsel, audit and tax services.

To best serve our clients and provide personal attention to each of their goals and unique financial situations, Tower Fund Services maintains a focused client base.  As a result, our clients have many things in common, including the desire to develop a successful business.  These traits are what make us a great fit as their fund administrator.

Our focus on emerging investment managers that need a host of support functions that put them on a level playing field with larger fund firms.  Our understanding of managers’ needs as a small firm, such as cost sensitivity and resources for meeting the ever increasing demands of a fund manager is paramount.  Not to say that an inexpensive product is a cheap product, the goal is to get great service that is priced right for you.

Fund managers know that the fixed costs of running their fund can be a great hurdle to get over in order to produce competitive returns, in addition to market to prospective clients and also to keep their current investors.  Many emerging managers take it upon themselves to absorb these fixed costs personally until their funds grow to a level where it is not a meaningful impact on their investors and returns.  There had better be value in what they are paying for!

As much as our standard pricing is extremely competitive, we have the ability to work with fund managers on pricing terms since Tower Fund Services is privately owned and we can make decisions quickly.  Our fund manager clients have always appreciated our ability to get them to the answer ‘Yes”.