Hedge Funds

Tower’s Hedge Funds¬†Service Snapshot

Key services for hedge funds:

  1. Team of Accounting and Finance Professionals Servicing your Hedge Fund
  2. Investor Subs/Reds Processing
  3. Continual AML/KYC Compliance
  4. Treasury Services
  5. Trade Capture and Portfolio Reconciliation
  6. NAV Calculations (monthly/quarterly)
  7. Prepare GAAP/IFRS Financials and Liaise with Auditors
  8. US Tax Return and K-1 Preparation
  9. Web Based Reporting


Why an Administrator?

A fund administrator serves as an independent third party that protects the interests of investors and alleviates the fund manager of many of the operational functions of running an investment fund.

  1. Build Credibility with Investors and Prospects
  2. Save Time, Energy and Resources
  3. Reduce your Audit and Tax Preparation Fees
  4. Strengthen your Internal Controls
  5. Stay on Top of Compliance
  6. Deploy Best Practices

About Tower Fund Services

Tower Fund Services is a third-party administrator offering a full spectrum of tailored outsourced solutions for hedge funds, funds of funds, separate managed accounts, multi-manager platforms, private equity, venture capital, tax lien, and real estate funds. Its suite of services includes fund startup, accounting, valuation, reporting and tax services to alternative investment managers in all strategies and structures.

Hedge Funds