Keeping Focus in a Busy World

A simple tip for those stressful days to keep you on “target”: Slow down, focus, breathe…

This post is a personal story from Vincent M. Sarullo, co-founder of Tower Fund Services, discussing a great technique he learned from his love of sport target shooting he does with his 18 year old daughter.


My daughter Tori and I make it a point to get to the gun range for a couple of hours most months to spend some father-daughter time.  Paper targets (we don’t hunt) tremble at the whisper of our names.  Our love of the sport has enabled us to share special time with each other over the past five years and it will be something we will do together in the future.

Beyond the bonding that it has created for us, it has been a great means of building the attributes of self-control, hand-eye coordination, concentration, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, focus, confidence and goal setting.  These traits and skills are invaluable, in this sport and many aspects of life.  Every time we step to the firing line, we continuously keep in mind “slow down, focus, aim and breathe”.  A slow and steady rhythm that will produce targeted results.  We both have learned that this is a great tool to bring to other parts of our lives; her with school and me, with work and family.

In life, we often find ourselves in rapid fire mode taking on many tasks at once as they pop up in front of us.  Many times this becomes overwhelming and the targets start to blur out.  We want to take on each target as fast as we can.  We may hit the target but later find ourselves disappointed that very few hits were bulls-eyes.

A simple reminder that to accomplish our goals or to deal with every day challenges no matter how frantic things may become, if we just slow down, breathe and focus we can hit our mark with certainty and consistency.